10 months ago

30 Workouts That Take 10 Minutes (Or Less)

By Alice Oglethorpe for Men's Journal

Finding half an hour to get to the gym is hard enough, let alone the 60 minutes that you think justifies a trip. The upshot? With the right routine, you can change your body -- and burn a chunk of calor read more...

11 months ago

Singer-songwriter Jewel used self-taught meditation to help cope with rough childhood and anxiety

Multi-platinum and Grammy-nominated artist Jewel said she developed a mindfulness meditation practice on her own at a young age to help cope with a tough childhood, homelessness as a teen and even pitfalls in her music career.

"I just start

12 months ago

Classifying Asanas, Levels, Methods, Mastering Them Part Iv

Asanas are best classified depending on their application, for example, there are asanas for meditation, for improving ones health, for relaxing the mind and body, etc. Asanas can be broadly classified as under:

Meditative Asanas

For

1 year ago

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5 Abortion Pill Facts That Will Set the Record Straight

Jan 18, 2017

by ArticleCity Blog



If you're considering the abortion pill as an option, we'd like you read more...

1 year ago

The potential benefits of meditation in a correctional setting.

Although there is much literature that supports the benefits of

meditation for the general population, there is little research

examining the benefits for an incarcerated population. Empirical

evidence indicates that meditatio

1 year ago

Koan Meditation by Sandra Markcrow

A Koan is a question or a puzzle given to a meditator to contemplate during a meditation session. The object is to think long and hard about the question and try to solve the puzzle. It does not matter whether you are right or wrong in your conclu read more...

1 year ago

Hollywood guru Bikram sells yoga to ugly society | Reuters

SINGAPORE (Reuters Life!) - Bikram Choudhury, the yoga guru who stirred controversy by copyrighting his "hot yoga" style, is known as much for his love of diamond-studded wrist watches and Hollywood clientele as for his supple poses.

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